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The New Review - 5th August

How do I get the best from Alexa?

Par Samuel Gibbs - 5 mn

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A dancehall sing-song for the summer

Samuel Gibbs looks at the interesting, crafty and creative hacks, apps and bits of kit you can use with your Amazon Echo and its avatar

Smart speakers are taking over British homes. A recent UK Gov survey found the number had doubled in three months, with around 10% of Brits owning one – and that 75% of these were Amazon Echo devices. The majority are used for basic tasks but with the right tips, tricks, skills and accessories you can get the Echo’s digital assistant Alexa to do just about anything...

Top hacks and tips

Privacy please

You can always mute the mics on an Echo device , but if you’re concerned you’ve been over-sharing, deleting your recordings and query history is the next step. Doing so is easy: you can select individual recordings in the Alexa app, or delete your daily, weekly, monthly or entire history through the Alexa privacy settings on the Amazon website.

‘Dinner’s ready! ’

If you have multiple Alexa devices you can use them as an intercom . Just ap...

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