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The Observer - Sunday October 23 2018

We must back members on new Brexit vote, Watson tells Corbyn

Par Toby Helm, Andrew Rawnsley - 4 mn

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Crashing out of Europe risks breakup of UK, ministers warn

. Deputy’s call puts pressure on leader
. 86% of party want second referendum

Come on, you Reds!
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Jeremy Corbyn poses with Liverpool fans yesterday before Labour’s conference begins. Photograph by Stefan Rousseau/PA

Labour must be ready to throw its full support behind another referendum on Brexit, its deputy leader Tom Watson says today, as a new poll shows 86% of party members want the British people to be given a final say on the UK’s future relationship with Europe.

In an interview with the Observer, Watson says that with the likelihood of a general election growing after Theresa May’s humiliation at the EU summit in Salzburg last week, it is vital the Labour leadership and membership unite to maximise the chance of dislodging the Tories from office.

Watson says that while he would prefer Brexit to be debated in an election soon, he is clear that the views of the membership in favour of another public vote must be respected.

“Jeremy and I were elected in 2015 to give the ...

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