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a part-time interior design consultant. Its first fruit is the elegantly proportioned ghost console (“no legs means less cleaning”) that is sleekly positioned in the hallway.

Though the couple’s past life of partying has happily been usurped by decorating and gardening, neither would have imagined that their social lives would actually enjoy an uptick in Totnes. “It’s way more sociable here than it was in London, where people would be so exhausted by the hustle they’d need to go home and rest,” she says. “Here, we see friends all the time and it’s often very spontaneous.”

It’s not unusual to congregate for post-work river swims or impromptu dinners at their nearby allotment to share the spoils of the latest crop (right now, it’s courgettes, artichoke flowers and white currants). Central, in interiors terms, to this communal mentality is their west-facing kitchen. “We wanted it to be a very sociable kitchen,” says Chenaï of the spac...

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