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Editor’s Letter

Par Giannie Couji - 2 mn

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Andre Walker : Kindling The Past

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When I think of the word Eclectic, I think of deriving the best ideas, and styles, from a broad and varied range of sources. I started Ubikwist to celebrate diversity in fashion, art, music, film, culture, beauty – a myriad of topics. In every issue, we merge up-and-coming talent with established artists to create timeless imagery and tell profound stories. We shoot in different cities around the world and feature actors, activists, designers, models, singers, filmmakers, illustrators, etc. The end result is always a beautiful moment structured around symbolic and powerful themes that reflect the world that we live in. The initial stages are usually chaotic, but the thrill of working through the chaos is what makes each issue rewarding. This time, it’s blunter, bolder, visually striking, and fiercely rooted in multifariousness. Immersion in it also provides a much needed escape from partisan chatterboxes in this tumultuous political climate.

The inspiration came from what Ubikwist...

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