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Yuca : A Global Publication Rooted In Colombia (3 mn)

YUCA is a canvas on which a chosen topic, that we call our alibi, couples with a cross-cutting is a biannual magazine devoted to art, photography, literature, and culture. Ever y issue is a canvas ...

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Migrations (11 mn)

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So does meaning. Nothing signifies anything without the interpretation, the angle, the perception of the person who reads it and looks at it. Following, you ...

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The Big Book Of Alison Knowles (7 mn)

BUILT TO BE READ AND INHABITED Passenger Books dedicated one of its recent publications to The Big Book of ALISON KNOWLES. Based on this publication, I discuss the form and meaning of Knowles’ ex...

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Beyond The Visible (13 mn)

For years, the world has heard about Colombia’s armed conflict. Stories of spikes of violence, guerrilla, paramilitary groups, the army, the displaced, criminal gangs, and kidnappings come and go o...

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Architects Facing Walls : A Fold In The Wall (5 mn)

What does it mean to encounter a wall in one’s way? Does it mean obstruction? Someone’s intention to block our path? Does it paralyze us? What can a wall elicit? How can we trespass it, go over it,...