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The Gastronomic Alibi & Roots Issue

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Beyond being what merely keeps us alive, food has become an excuse, a reason to be creative, a pretext to flirt, to talk to strangers, to share our most intimate stories with the ones we love. And also, one of the many ways in which we can explain who we are as individuals and as a society.

The gastronomic experience starts when you arrive at a friend’s home and get struck by the smell of poulet rôti as soon as he opens the door. It starts when you enter a restaurant in Rome and sense the air filled with an aroma of cheese, wine, and truffles. Your eyes mar vel when you see a plate that looks like an abstract work of art. Gastronomic experiences are not only a matter of taste, they appeal to all our senses. We want this issue of YUCA to do so as well. By unveiling the universe of possibilities of food we wish to delight your taste, your smell, your sight, and touch, and also your mind.

 We don’t pretend to be experts on the matter. We just want to explore the language of food, to...

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